Motion: Simple Title

I received a request to submit a title for a movie. The editors were in a rush trying to finish things up so as to submit the video for Sun Dance.  I did not have access to a preliminary cut therefore I did not have a chance to use my interpretive talents.  It is tough to get the right colors or even the flavor when trying to work from text messages without access to sound or palette.

The initial request was for a script style written on in red.   The client then wanted to try a different font with an added shadow in red.  The Client then decided that perhaps script was too feminine and I created one with a reflection just to give his imagination a jolt. Then he decided that he wanted to go “all capitals in gray with a white shadow, and with the D being larger and a more traditional font.”  By this time the word did not even appear to me to be spelled correctly.  Funny how that happens.

This was a rushed RUSH job.  Including email response time, this took about 2 hours max.