Theatrical Trailers

Theatrical Trailers:

Ragged Wing Ensemble in Oakland, California, put together a series of shows over a 5 month period around the theme of Fortune. The Final show was rather a compilation which they tied together with the character of the prophet. The show was difficult to edit because so much of it appeared in the dark in trying to get the illusions in low budget. It was a brilliant show and they had sell out crowds by the end of the week. The video was brilliantly shot by Aiden.

Fortune, The Complete Works Reel from Suzanne Birrell on Vimeo.

Excerpts from the 2012 Spring Fringe of Marin.  Both entire shows were edited for broadcast on Channel 26 in Marin County as well as for DVD distribution.  These are excerpts.

Program One

View on youtube: Program One

Program Two

View on youtube: