Music Video’s

I edited this from several clips.  Most impressive was the segue from one gig to the next in the same song.

This is a short two minute reel-yours truly”

This was shot by Chuck Jones with a Nex 7 Camera.  The sound is straight into the camera.  I edited the hour’s worth of film down to 10 minutes with FCPX and added a bass boost to the sound.  I created the  intro Graphics using Photoshop, Animate, and Motion.

Blind Pony – @ The Rack from TheCameraForum on Vimeo.

Blind Pony @ The Rack, Woodland Hills, California.  2012-11-10

Kent Klineman- lead vocals and guitar;  Glenn Harris-back up vocals and lead guitar; Evan Urkofsky- drums; Suzanne Birrell-back up vocals and bass.