I have used both versions 4 and 6 after starting out on Final Cut Express.  I am now moving right along mastering Pro X.  Very different-I like it a lot.  I am told that I have a special skill in editing to the music.  Because of my music and dance background, I tend to edit in a fluid style.  I enjoy the challenge of movie trailers.   I very much enjoy making menu’s in Motion.  My claim to fame is that I can take a lot of bad footage and make it artistic.  I also tend to be a perfectionist.  If the music score  is changed, I am compelled to re-edit so as to fit with the music.

My directing and film experience come into play in editing.  The bottom line , whether the production be long or short, is that the video tell a story.

Edited with Final Cut Pro X

On Vimeo 

Pass That Bottle To Me

Born To Dance

Behind the scenes: Oma

2Legged Dog Spec Commercial (takes a minute or two to load)

The X Sense, Written & Directed by Henry Boateng

Cats With Class audition– 2:20 minutes

Pamela Rand-All Gone        Charley Lerrigo-Noah, The Play    Miyoko Schinner

Cats With Class Montage  (Intro created with Photoshop and Motion)

Blind Pony @ the Rack  (Intro created with Animate and Motion)

One minute spots

Ragged Wing Ensemble: Fortune Excerpt


She and her husband did the videography for the Marin Fringe, and did what I though (in NYC I was a cable tv producer) was a rather nice job.  You can see a sample of what she did at these two youtube locations………….. you can tell her I gave you this recommendation. – Charley Lerrigo


Also check out the motion samples by clicking away!  I create web site logos as well as motion artwork.  Check them out!

More videos on the way!  Some have not been release by OC.

Calling Card

Catch The Wind

Menu sample

Simple Title

Web Page Masthead Samples


The Owl and the Pussy Cat

Animal Crackers Commercial

Dancing Girl


NuMedia Network



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