I still feel like a newbie here in L.A. Having lived in rural America for so long I have observed I have a different perspective on life when it comes to little thing. For instance, when I am making a left turn in my car, I pull out into the intersection as far as possible so that […]

The plot has thickened. I went with a positive attitude but-oh well.  The judge was a different one and he was very interested that proof of service had been filed in all cases. Too bad he didn’t come in earlier on this case where was no service and the greedy party waited till the statute […]

Well, for those who are following this action packed psychological thriller of the witch from Peru- Welcome Back. Next week has me summoned to court to testify about all our hero’s assets- or lack of- because I sure don’t know of any. But again, the court ruled that the assets exist so exist they must […]

I recently saw a revival of  the stage play “Women” – Hysterical – lots of fun…. Read the review HERE

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If you want to know why I was off the radar for a while, I was working on legal research for a lost cause. I have been told, if you can’t afford an attorney there is no justice-the system is a good old boys club. But I thought I’d try anyway.  I believe somewhere, there’s […]

Jeff Seymour has released his book on acting, The Real Life Actor. It’s a great book. Every page loaded with great advice for both the beginner and the experienced actor I should know, I am the editor. I absorbed every tasty word. Buy it on Amazon today!

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My band, Cats with Class, won the L.A. Battle of the Bands against seven other rock finalists! The surprising part, for you who know me, will be when the camera revolves around to show the 20-30 years old rocker sporting their metal band shirts! Good art transcends all ages. We were able to piece together […]