Works in progress

I have played in Blues Bands, Rock Bands, Country Bands, Latin Bands, Jazz Bands, Cajun bands, Folk Groups and Big Bands.

Therefore, the music I write sort of absorbs all these flavors.  I keep wanting to get into a studio to do my stuff but have never found the family.

Here is a sampling.

The rockers say it’s jazz and the jazzers say it’s rock.  I say, it’s music.  D.C. Duncan is the drummer on all of these tunes.  Bob Hemminger is on the sax.

Other People’s Money

Sub-Prime Survivor

This is a folk song I wrote.  I tried acting and playing at the same time.  This next is a Folk song.  I wanted it to sound real and in the moment–sort of hard to do when you are playing all the parts.

Rich Man’s War

This is a country tune I wrote.  Johnny Oakly is on the steel guitar.  I was in a doctors office and got to talking with a gentleman from Sicily.  These were his words and sentiments.  i just went home and put them to music.

Daddy’s Home

Another country tune.  I was driving down the highway in the middle of the night thinking about the boy I should have married a long time ago and this song came to me.  With advent of computer and after my divorce, I looked him up.  I found him.  He’s married so I’ll never know whether he thinks of me or not because I never did give him a call.

Just Sort of Wond’rin’