Scary Cow Soundtracks

I wrote the music for one minute teaser for a thriller Destiny’s Lance by Robert Hammond
Here are two sample ideas I did for the writer/producer before I ever saw the film.  He wanted something between Carmina Burana and Requiem for a Dream.
Destiny’s Lance I
Destiny’s Lance II
I did the soundtrack music for a movie called Clues
about a frustrated artist who informs her husband that she is going to be a street artist.

I also composed some music ideas for Dryertheque film but the producer and director of the movie did not like my ideas.  The movie had no words and I tried to accent the action with drums.  They wanted something less rhythmic at the beginning.  It was fun for me to do–Made me stretch.  I never mixed it, the drums are a bit loud.  This was written for the uncut version which we all thought was a bit long-but also influenced how the music went-needed more variations of theme.

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