Incidental Music

Here’s a piece I put together for the intro to a documentary.
The first part was created by me using finale and live Recorder, the drums were ambient sounds on the street.

Here are some musical tidbits composed or adapted for plays.

This is a short version of an Overture written for an musical I composed back in ’99 with Steve Cross.  An Overture frequently puts tidbits of the music which will follow which is what this does.

Overture short for piano (2:13)

This is intro music for my latest play Point of View.  It’s my foray into disco electronica–My next career?  Let me know what you think.

This is the opening and closing music for my Short play “It’s very Crowded.”  The play is about two friends, Jan and Jean (Gene), currently down on their luck (they work at a hot dog stand).  However, one has a friendly relationship with a spirit friend,  Fred (not male, not female).


I originally wrote this music for the movie short “CLUES,”  a story about a young woman looking for clues as to where her pursuit of being an artist went wrong.  She quits her job, much to the chagrin of her husband and, recognizing the need for an income, she decides to embark on a career as a gold painted street-mime.  I compose the tunes and then adapted them for the incidental music as needed, taking short excepts for key scenes.  I also adapted #4  for a play I directed called “Healing Court” by  Micheline Berger.   A comedy trial:  Judged by her subconscious.


Clues 1

Clues 3

Clues 4