Here are some of the web sites that I am part of in one way or another:


Jeff wanted simple.  Site is responsive and attention was paid to how site showed up on individual smart phones, hence the duplication of information of widget and page.


I created the title gif as well as all graphic art titles.  I am the editor; I check and correct all articles and approve subjects and articles for posting.


This site is responsive and features latest videos, photo galleries, and calendars to constantly update.  I write all copy, created all graphics, uploaded all images, and designed layout of site.

http://thefringeofmarinScript Submision preview

Created and Managed site.  Also created all submission forms which go up and down as seas0nably timely ( Script submission form, reservation form)


I created graphics for and did general grunt work for this site.  We had to load a lot of media.


I used to work for Chuck Jones’ Agency in Mexico.  Now I work with Chuck Jones (not “THE” but cousin to).  These are our joint projects.