ninja no shadow
We must be Ninja Masters at coupling Creative with data and analytics in the evolving digital platforms, at client websites, in cable systems, and indeed across the whole customer experience.

Our NuMedia Marketing teams must well-versed in new media platforms, including Google, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and more.




For the Platform Marketer, effective measurement and attribution involve the development and ongoing management of key performance indicators (KPIs) and underlying methodologies that measure marketing effectiveness. They provide insights for agile ongoing execution and enable attribution across a variety of media, channels, and device types…..


By expanding our efforts to incorporate digital cable television providers into the NuMedia Network™, for the first time all modern day promotional and advertising methods can be combined to support a universal, platform agnostic, automated marketing platform where each consumer is individually addressed when, where, and how they move through their daily world. Consumers are engaged with compelling content designed for their market segment and rewarded with cents off coupon offers insuring network participation and viewing of the commercial ads.