Print work




Graphic Arts.

It’s an art to fit all the text and photos onto any document.  To make it look nice is the fine art.  I got my start in college, doing yearbooks – back in the day when it was all done by pencil, ruler, scissors, and hard line crops- and a typewriter.  I continued doing yearbooks for the schools I taught in.  I won awards for layout design.  I’ve laid out a few books,  a few magazines, three years worth of signs and banners; years of programs, business cards, newspaper and magazine ads, and more.  Computer software have made them lots faster to prepare.

Book Layout Design ( I have uncountable pre computer hours of experience-now I use Indesign!!!!!!)

Flamenco  Mexicana!

Book Cover  (InDesign)

How You Leave Texas

Bi-fold Brochure

about me!

Real Estate 2 sided Flyer

#20 Road 4255-F

Trifold Real Estate folder

#20 Road 4255

Trifold recipe folders…

By request Breakfast recipes;  whole grain breakfast recipes;  All Natural Cream brochure

4 page program sample…


8 page program sample…..

2011 Spring Program 2


Wine label Sample  (The client specified Rodin, music, and grapes)….

Wine labels

Playing with TYPE samples

Lots of information required on this sample poster…..

Fringe Poster Spring short 2011 2

Theatre Poster

Odile, My Daughter

And Lots of information required on this sample postcard……

Fringe Postcard Spring 2011 2