I have done a lot of programs in my career.  Unfortunately, I have do not have a lot samples on line; but if you look at my theatre resume, you will get an idea of how many since I usually was the graphic artist as well as the director or choreographer or actor in  the productions as well as just the graphic artist for others.   Many were bi-fold ( 4, 8, and 12 page) with advertising, some were single page tri-fold.   Plus I did two 8 page bi-fold programs a years for my students’ shows when I was a teacher.

My early programs were done with a master on a duplicating machine that I hand cranked!  With a xerox machine, I was able to ad my students original art to the cover.  And now…..Wow, how far we have come in technology.  Don’t you just love it!

4 page program

8 page program

16 page booklet with background art