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I have been doing layout work- print and signs- since High School.  My first forey was in making the banners for high school pep rallies.  They averaged about 20 feet long and three feet high.  I sketched in  letters and began painting.  The banner was designed to be hung on the end wall of the auditorium and to be read from all away across the quad.

I next got a job painting menus on plywood boards for the local little league fields.  I had made one for a friend and had painted figures of mice crawling through cheese and other fun figures.  The manager reported the the little kids seemed less fidgety in line.  Consequently everybody wanted one.  A nice summer income.

In college I was the official sign maker.  I had a press in which I placed type by hand and a press room; and it was all mine.  I could set my own hours and time as long as I got the job done.  I ordered papers and inks and had total creative freedom.   Little did I know that the real world did not offer such artistic license.

I also was a page designer for the yearbook.  My job was complicated by the fact that we did not really have many good photos to choose from.  So I designed pages  on which I could show a lot of photos but none of them would be very large.  Mind you, this was back in the day of cut and paste on the actual layout sheet.  Pre-computor. (I can hardly imagine it myself)  I designed one page of film strips with the individual photos cut to shape and placed within the winding strips.  Another featured the baseball team individually placed within balls of gradually reduce color intensity.  I won awards for layout design!!!!!   For two separate double page layouts!!!!!  You know what they say; the times make the man (In my case: woman).

I have designed print work (programs and folders) for mimeograph machines as well as posters for hectograph reproduction.  (Me and Stephen King.  Does anybody remember those?  My jellygraph was homemade and, yes, I reused it many times.  I could get a hundred page run!)

I went on to be year book designer and photographer for the school yearbooks every year I taught and was that a lot of work; type setting, cropping photos, layout design.  While teaching, I also created the biannual programs for the school production.  I was emphatic that each child in the school got their name printed as a soloist, special musician, or announcer at least once a year.  This took great planning on my part both in creating the program layout as well as planning the program itself though the cover was always designed by a student.

Over the years, I have designed business cards, programs, business trifolds, business stationary,  business brochures,  year end statements and donor letters, posters, postcards, wedding invitations, announcements and more; making the move from actual hands pen, cut and paste layout to word processor to computer programs and software such as Corelle and the Adobe collection.  I’ve also designed T-shirts, hats, and created logos.  I designed the original logo for Quantum Composers of Montana with the first edition of Corelle.

Please contact me for any work.