was founded on the belief that everyone should have the ability to make healthy lifestyle choices and shop with local vendors. We live for pure, clean and toxin-free products. And our business model was built on three goals to make buying these products easy and attainable for all: making products affordable, convenient, and accessible. ( Notice their belief does not seem to be in paying people to work for them so that their employees can also afford to make healthy life style choices and afford to shop.

  This was sent to me years ago by guitarist/composer Adam Mitchell.  It’s tongue in cheek, but OH! the truth.  I still have fun reading it from time to time and remembering the times when it has indeed been the way things went.   (photo by  David Hughes) How to Request a Song from the […]

I bought a lottery ticket and we won! I can’t believe it! I’m not really a dedicated buyer. I don’t know the games or the prices. I sometimes buy one if I have a dollar left over after filling my gas tank. Since the gas prices have gone down, I have bought a couple or more lately. […]

I still feel like a newbie here in L.A. Having lived in rural America for so long I have observed I have a different perspective on life when it comes to little thing. For instance, when I am making a left turn in my car, I pull out into the intersection as far as possible so that […]

“The only horrible thing in the world is ennui*, Dorian. That is the one sin for which there is no forgiveness.”  The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde (1854–1900), the character Lord Henry Wotton speaking to a young Dorian Gray. I have never suffered from, nor will be found guilty of,  boredom.  That is my excuse for failing to post on a […]

Animated Gif for Initially created in photoshop and animated in Motion. Give it 5 seconds to start. The client wanted something subtle.

RSVP an acronym for Répondez s’il vous plaît  which is French for “Respond if you please,” is something folks don’t often seem to do anymore. In today’s on line world where it’s so easy to communicate far more information than needed or wanted, it is surprising how much polite communication is not generated. Here’s a […]

I came home from a stressful three weeks and stumbled into the grocery store to buy groceries. Blurry eyed, I failed to read the labels and came home with fat free Half and Half instead of REAL Half and Half. Half and Half is half milk and half cream and tastes oh so good in […]

I’ve been gone from my post, but now I am back, older and wiser so they say.  My father had a stroke and my brothers and I have been taking turns in Missouri facilitating the resulting necessary change of life accommodations for my dad.  I feel like I’ve been gone for three months. My job […]

Cartoonist Chuck Jones? Photographer Chuck Jones is frequently asked if he knows about Chuck Jones the cartoonist. Fact is, they are related somehow, but neither Chuck could figure out the connection- Chuck’s Grandfather was related to Chuck’s Dad, so however it works: Second cousins, once removed;  Or first cousins, twice removed;  Or third cousins.  Bottom […]

I had to share this with my fellow Old Hippy’s! I decided to put some out of the ordinary search terms into Linked In for a change.  The first one I put in was “creative freak”–that’s me!!!! One, yes, only one, job offering came up- in New York City  (No wonder I can’t find a […]

A rare event happened the other day; someone responded to my response to a Craigslist ad!  I felt acknowledge.  I felt part of a greater whole.  I felt positive about the whole experience.  I am alive.  I exist.  A real live person responded to ME!!!!!!. I didn’t get the job, but hey, that’s the way […]