Now available on Kindle! The story reminisces along with Theodore Turner, now an old man, the token Bachelor among his friends. Among his memories is the girl he left at the St. Louis train station as he was leaving to go to war. Theo and Lilly exchanged letters for five years till the war was […]

Pardon my mess! I am doing some major reconstructing on my site.  

Jeff Seymour has released his book on acting, The Real Life Actor. It’s a great book. Every page loaded with great advice for both the beginner and the experienced actor I should know, I am the editor. I absorbed every tasty word. Buy it on Amazon today!

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              I have a lot of old books which are yellowed with age. For school purposes I wanted to use an excerpt but the pages of the book did not copy well.  So, I pulled them into Photo Shop and quick fixed the problem.

Here’s the original from 1974… Here’s the pencil sketch clean up incorporating the old paper and adding a watercolor wash…… And here’s the iris sans the old paper….

In different cultures, the totems mean different things, so it’s a good thing to look them up. For instance, in some cultures the owl represents wisdom, vision, and insight; but among the Navajo it is the harbinger of death.

A better background- a little make up -polished the shoes-a few pounds lighter-removed the logo..Ah!!!! the magic of photo shop.  Don’t you love it?????

Adventures in Writing! I like to write.  I enjoy the process.  I revel in the necessary isolation. I have written children stories, plays and screen plays,  numerous short stories, and have  a novel in progress. I am looking for representation by an agent. I have written for newspapers and periodicals.  I had a weekly column in […]

This is a Promotional Video created in MOTION with artwork created in Photo Shop, Music in Finale, and Studio One and edited with FCPX  

If you have little ones around for the holidays, here’s some activities to download and print! Pages to color Poems by Edward Lear to read out loud   Enjoy!

Thinking about Hopes and Dreams? Lightening does strike. It will happen. Keep the faith. Embrace the future.