The Tower

Most people who  see The Tower for the first time think that it was created post 9-11.  However, the The Tower was created in the Spring of 1999.  It was a bad year for me.  Everything that tops the stress inducer list happened to me within a 14 month period- Divorce-Loss of job-Mother on life support- Broke one legs/tore ligaments in other at same time-Moved-Mother dies-Daughter air lifted in medical helicopter-Best Friend Murdered- On Murderer’s list to be next- Moved again-New job–and during that time I got certified in SCUBA and built this Tower (along with the Man Dogs).

The stoneware sculpture stands almost three feet tall.  The clay figures were made of colored clay and were inspired by Edvard Munch’s iconic masterpiece The Scream  (which recently sold for $119,922,500!)  I would sell this for a lot less-it’s nice to dream.  too bad so many artists have to wait until they’re dead before their work is worth a live-able wage.

Click to enlarge.  Photography is by Chuck Jones

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