Man Dogs

In 1998-1999 I was going through a divorce-the classic kind; I was the last to know that my then husband had a girlfriend.  The one thing I had asked him to promise me when we got married was that I would be the first to know if he didn’t want to come home to me.  Well, he failed to keep that promise.  On May 11,1998, I actually had a vision and I described to him the hotel room where he was staying with his lover.  I didn’t figure it all out till later.  He never told me anything-made me guess.  So much for promises.

I was very hurt and dove into the clay-great for therapy.  I would go to the studio every day and whipped up man-dogs before I started anything else.  It was an emotional catharsis.  I was making custom sculpture cups at the time that were supposed to be happy reflections of the personalities that they were being made for.  I needed to cast out the negative feelings that I was drowning in-thus man dogs!

I used them for glaze tiles.  I had quite a collection going when one day a woman strut into the studio and announced, “I need a man-dog!” She handed over  twenty dollar bill and was out the door.  I was in business.  Betrayed and angry women  became regular visitors.  It became quite a joke; I was encouraged to open up a production house so that betrayed women could come in a throw together clay man-dogs.

You can only cry so much.  In throwing together(literally) those man dogs and then watching them charge out the door, I learned to laugh.

I can’t even tell how many I’ve made over the 3 month period but they kept me in grocery money.  These are photos of the ones I have left.

Photographs by Chuck Jones