“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan “press on” has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.” Calvin Coolidge

“Ideas are caught with butterfly nets, while success is always a team effort.”     Suzanne Birrell 

“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamer of dreams.”    Arthur O’Shaughnessy “Ode” (quoted in the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)

“What do you despise? By this you are truly known for you will become that which you hate.”  paraphrased from Father Thomas Succoratte, Orthodox priest, Madison Illinois

“Oh, frabjous day!   Callooh!  Callay!   He chortled in his joy.” Lewis Carroll; Through the Looking Glass

“An act of violence is a gesture of weakness”       Nikolai Berdyaev

“Don’t die before you’re dead.” Yevgeny Yevtushenko

“Sanity consists in sharing the hallucination of our neighbors”    Evelyn Underhill in “Mysticism”

“We see and hear all things through a temperament.”     Evelyn Underhill in “Mysticism”

“Beauty is merely the spiritual making itself know sensuously.”       Hegel

“In that thou hast sought me, thou hast already found me, says the voice of absolute truth.”   Hegel

“So far as the self is real can it hope to know reality.”   HEGEL – ?

“The Philospher guesses and argues; the mystic lives and looks.” HEGEL – ?

“Our measure of suffering and pain will find us; We needn’t glorify it, wallow in it, or sink beneath it; rather, we have the choice of creating ways to deal with it, to transform it.”  Dan Wakefield; CREATING FROM THE SPIRIT; 1996

“Optimist: A man who gets treed by a lion but enjoys the scenery.”  Walter Winchell

“You can give in to the failure messages and be a bitter deadbeat of excuses. Or you can choose to be happy and positive and excited about life.”         A. L. Williams

“You only have to do a very few things right in your life so long as you don’t do too many things wrong.”   Warren Buffett

“You see things; and you say ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say ‘Why not?'” George Bernard Shaw

“Success is a state of mind. If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success.”   Dr. Joyce Brothers

“The average pencil is seven inches long, with just a half-inch eraser-in case you thought optimism was dead.”     Robert Brault

“The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.”    Mark Twain

“I have become my own version of an optimist. If I can’t make it through one door, I’ll go through another door – or I’ll make a door. Something terrific will come no matter how dark the present.”    Rabindranath Tagore

“I have made it a rule of my life never to regret and never to look back. Regret is an appalling waste of energy… you can’t build on it; it’s only good for wallowing in.”      Katherine Mansfield

“When life knocks you down, try to land on your back. Because if you can look up, you can get up. Let your reason get you back up.”     Les Brown

“Some of the world’s greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible.”    Doug Larson

“To move forward today, you must learn to say good-bye to yesterday’s hurts, tragedies and baggage. You can’t build a monument to past problems and sail forward.”     John Maxwell

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are  difficult.”     Seneca

“Fear less, hope more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less,say more; Hate less, love more;And all good things are yours.”  Unknown author

“Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn’t know it so it goes on flying anyway.”    Mary Kay Ash

“Those who wish to sing always find a song.”   Swedish proverb

Always look at what you have left. Never look at what you have lost.”   Robert H. Schuller

That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain.  -Hamlet-Shakespeare I, v, 108