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I enjoy baking and candy making.  Cooking-mmm not so much, unless pizza counts.

I used to have a small business where I made cinnamon roles (absolutely scrumptious with butter, brown sugar, lots of cinnamon-I had folks come from three counties around to buy a half pan at a time), cookies, cakes, and breads as well as soups and chili.

I like to invent cookie recipes.  I  used to bring my inventions to work for taste testing.  I knew I was found out when my boss stopped with the cookie midway to her mouth and said, “Wait a minute.  What’s in these?”  Most of the time I try to make healthy cookies; low in sugar and high in fruits and nuts and seeds.  My inventions have not always tasted good, but I keep inventing.  I have been making granola bars long before they became a fad.  My earliest versions were cereal balls for road trips loaded with raisins and nuts in addition to the puffed wheat or rice.

 I do enjoy making and designing those melt in your mouth, butter rich, tasty treats that are sinfully delicious.  I make them mostly during the holiday season while I am listening to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the moon  (I’ve worn out my CD)  I usually loose weight during this time because the smell of sugar seems to dull my appetite.

Cakes are disposable art projects.  I enjoy sculpturing cakes.   And I do insist on only the finest ingredients- real butter, real vanilla, cocoa imported from France.  I have found that my wedding cakes are consumed at twice the normal rate; That is, a cake made for 100 generally feeds 50.  However, the cakes  tend to be bigger when they are sculpted art projects so that works out well.  Order big.  Onee thing to remember is when the festive day is done, you can throw away the left over cake (if there is any leftover)  along with the popped balloons and all the other decorations.  That way the calories are only indulged in for a day, and that’s okay, even though making the cake sometimes takes two whole days.   Enjoy…

Candy making, on the other hand, is like chemistry, in which, for some reason, I never scored high marks in school.  I aced physics and calculus.  So?????  Sugar is quite an interesting molecule.  It changes with temperatures and changes again with stirring.  Personally, I think it is quite untapped in it’s biodegradable possibilities (although I understand that underwear and more is made from it these days).  Why not packages–better than styrofoam.  If I were as creative in science as I am in art and music, I would be exploring the possibilities of sugar.  Since I am not, I will settle for making the worlds’ best fudge (from the best shortcuts as in marshmallow cream for me!!!)





I’ve sculpted a lot of 3D cakes.  Hands holding a deck of Cards; a Parrot; a Bear sitting in a field of  edible and sugar  flowers; a fish wrestling out of the water.  I did an over forty cake for a crowd-the cake weighed in at 35 pounds- and was a carved figure climbing over the mountain.  I saw the video, the surprised birthday victim kept saying over and over–“Who made the cake?!”

I don’t have snap shots of most of my cakes.  I have been so unorganized about that. I’ll try to do better-now that I don’t have to buy film and develop the photos.