I am a Renaissance Woman.

know this because I read this fact in a newspaper. In the same article, however, there was listed among my accomplishments: tuba player. Although I tried valiantly in college to become mediocre on that instrument, I never could even get much of a sound. The reporter had seen my performance on baritone horn; a tenor tuba, if you will.

Does that count?  Maybe.

I am an Artist

I know that for a fact.  I have an artist’s soul.  No matter what I do, I do as an artist.  A perfectionist.  With style.  With panache.  (That was another adjective given to me-I had to look it up.)

After I got my degree, I went back for additional courses.  One course I took was beginning clay.  I had never had the opportunity to take a clay class and was very excited.  As we were taught techniques, we were given assignments.  I quickly received complaints from the rest of the class who accused me of not being a beginner (affects the curve-education is very competitive).  Our first assignment was to create a vessel using the slab technique (roll it out, cut it out, put it together)  Everyone made an open topped cube.  I made a bottle.  I started out with the cube and then pushed and shoved it into a shape.  I made a two headed griffin stopper (slab technique).  I added texture and carving.  The professor was impressed and the rest of the class mumbled and grumbled.  “I have never taken a clay class,” I said in defense, “But I am an artist.”

And so I am.  I may not be as versatile in all the modern software programs that are out there, but should I be given an opportunity, I will create art.  There are many that are computer savvy with impressive technical skills.   They tend to create inside the box, whereas, given an opportunity, I will push and shove, add texture and carving, and I will make art.

I was told by a professor that I would never “make it” (whatever that is) because I didn’t have a style.  I have though long and hard about this because, it was not even evident to me that I had a style.  Besides,  it seemed to me that imposing a style would be less than true.  I finally came to the realization that my professor was really talking about BRAND.  I don’t have a brand.  I approach everything with truth.  But I do have a style; a theme if you will.  I am a storyteller.  Whether it be in song, a play, a sculpture, and ad, an infomercial, I tell a story.   And in all my art there is balance.  And in all my art there is melody.

Here are photos of my very first project created in Ceramics 101.