January 4, 2015

We won!!!!

I bought a lottery ticket and we won! I can’t believe it!

I’m not really a dedicated buyer. I don’t know the games or the prices. I sometimes buy one if I have a dollar left over after filling my gas tank. Since the gas prices have gone down, I have bought a couple or more lately. But I never win. I can’t seem to match even one number. I am so unlucky.

So why bother, you ask?  For the dream factor. For the simple enjoyment of daydreaming for a day or two about the places I could go, the house I could live in if I won! I daydream about having enough money to get an album recorded and mixed, producing and directing one of my scripts that are ready to shoot, moving into a place with a hot tub or at least a large bathtub–so many things to dream about. I can dream for days on one single dollar.

Christmas found me another day older and deeper in debt so the only gift I bought for my husband was a single lottery ticket for the price of one dollar. We talked about the places we would like to go and the house we might live in. We sometimes even get on line and look at dream homes on an island close to warm water. We were having so much fun dreaming on Christmas Eve we decided to wait tip the next morning to scratch the ticket. Christmas morning- why hurry? We decided to wait till Christmas night.

Were we planning on loosing? No! Not at all. we were planning on how to spend it. Christmas night and we scratched off one symbol at a time. $100. $2. $5. $100 $2…. We needed three of a kind to win so we paused and decided that we would go out for sushi if we won $100.

We scratched the last symbol. $2. We won $2! We who never even match one number won $2.  We doubled our money. This is indeed a good omen for the new year. We won!  It doesn’t matter how much–our luck is changing: we won!

Happy New Year.